Forthcoming Study Day on The Human Figure in Art

Barnsley House Art History Study Day with Arcadia Education:

‘Appraising & Reappraising the Human Form through Art’

  • Location: Barnsley House, Barnsley, Cirencester, Glos. GL7 5EE
  • Date: 03.06.18 | 10:00am – 3:30pm (See timings below)
  • Cost: £55 to include morning coffee & biscuits, a light lunch and tutoring for the day
  • Book Now: Contact Katie Nelson on 07720775087 or Rachel Chadwick on 01285 740000


The ancient Greeks captured perfectly the ‘body beautiful’ in emulating the idealised athletes and deities of antiquity. Since such time, the nude has continued to be a major concern despite, or maybe because of, its entrenched position in the Western canon. Post-World War Two in particular, four British heavyweights of the figurative tradition sought to reappraise the human form. Starting with The School of London, new approaches to the representation of the body were pioneered by Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud. Both artists explored existentialism, voyeurism and the vagaries of the human condition. Furthermore, in the early twenty-first century, Antony Gormley & Jenny Saville have embraced Damien Hirst’s post-Modernist doctrine that “Art is about life, and it can’t really be anything else. There isn’t anything else” in exploring gender, identity, feminism and body boundaries. With the media obsession with airbrushed bodies, have we completed the circle that began in antiquity? Come and join the debate.

This event coincides with the excellent ‘All Too Human: Bacon & Freud’ exhibition at the Tate Britain, 28 Feb – 27 Aug 2018.

For further information on the Study Day please contact:

Rachel Chadwick:

Timings for the day:

  • Arrival & Coffee 09:30
  • Session 1 10:00 – 11:15
  • Coffee & biscuits
  • Session 2 11:45 – 13:00
  • Lunch 13:00 – 14:00 Lunch (a light lunch is provided)
  • Session 3 14:00 – 15:30
  • Afternoon Tea (not covered in the cost)

Cost for the event £55 (Parking is available at the venue)


To book a place please contact Katie Nelson on 07720775087 or via email:

Quote of the Month

“The painter takes whatever it is and destroys it. At the same time he gives it another life. For himself.”

Pablo Picasso to Malraux.

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Welcome to Arcadia Education for Art History, and welcome to 2018, wherever you are in the world.

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In the interim, I will share with you a pair of great quotes combined into one, in a new book on How Creativity Can Change the World:

Marcel Proust “Thanks to art, instead of seeing one world only, our own, we see that world multiply itself…… Artists upload their cultural simulations to the cultural cloud, allowing the species to see beyond the actual to the possible. The arts constantly shape the landscape of possibilities, illuminating previously unseen paths.” (A. Brandt & D. Eagleman)

 Keep calm and Study Art History.



Dear All


Due to the heavy snow and various roads being closed due to extreme weather, we had to postpone our course at Barnsley House on 10 December 2017.

It seems ironic we had to call off a Winter Wonderland Course due to heavy snow!

The new date for the same course proposal is 4th February 2018.

See the Arcadia Course details here: Winter Course


Are you not entertained? Performance Art

The Art of Performance Art

High Road House (Soho House Group) 162-166 Chiswick High Rd, Chiswick, London W4 1PR

December 4th with Nick Nelson of Arcadia Education –

Yves Klein’s Anthropométries employed nude female models as ‘living paintbrushes,’ yet what prompted Christo to wrap the Reichstag in polypropylene fabric? Is Martin Creed’s Work No. 850 featuring a person running as fast as they can every thirty seconds through the Tate Gallery in London really Art? What do you make of Banksy’s geocaching ‘Better Out Than In’ in New York? Why was Ai Weiwei secretly detained for 81 days? Who staged a pillow fight on Tracey Emin’s Bed and which artist created a chocolate bust of themself only to be licked? Come along and endeavour to find out!

The Arts Society Study Day 2


Do join us for the second of two special interest study days devised by Alex Davies: as Chair of the Arts Society for the West Mercia region.

The fuller programme for the two days can be found here: WM Study Day yet on Thursday 2nd November, Nick Nelson, Director of Arcadia Education, will be presenting at 11:45am on the sculptural work of the seminal Baroque artist Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

The event is to be held at Cheltenham College:





On Power, Propaganda & Patronage in the Art of the Renaissance, Reformation and Counter-Reformation

For details, click on: WM Study Days



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Event in Soho House New York 08.23.2017

‘The Taste of Words: Synaesthesia – the Sixth Sense’ – 

The Vinyl Room, Soho House New York, 08.23.17, 18:30pm (Soho House Members’ Event)


On 23rd August 2017 Nick Nelson of Arcadia Education will be interviewing contemporary artist Ali Banisadr who currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. This is part of a presentation on Lexical Gustatory Synaesthesia – a rare strain of Synaesthesia that enables the individual to ‘taste words’.

Ali Banisadr ( has, since a young age, experienced Synaesthesia, enabling him to ‘hear colour’ and ‘see sound’. This innate condition Ali combines with memories of his upbringing in Tehran, Iran during the Iran-Iraq war, plus the influence of visionary Medieval artist Hieronymus Bosch.

During the event there will be a chance for Soho House members in attendance to ask Ali Banisadr questions when prompted. His work can be found in The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and London’s Saatchi Gallery.

For more information about the event go to:

Soho House Members may wish to contact Events Programming Manager Janel Higgs: