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Nick Nelson is a very experienced tutor who began teaching History of Art A Level in 1995. He has taught the Oxford & Cambridge, London, AEB, Legacy AQA, CEA, the reformed AQA Specification and the CIE Pre-University course also. Nick has tutored many A Level students from a number of the major public schools in England, in addition to tutoring History of Art University Undergraduates at Bristol, Exeter, Edinburgh, York, Oxford Brookes, UCL, UEA and The Courtauld Institute.

Nick has tutored privately in London, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire for a number of years, in addition to working annually at Mander Portman Woodward (MPW) in London.

A Level History of Art – AQA 

With the AQA Legacy Specification being the most widely taught course in schools at present, Nick is an A-Level examiner and has taught the following Modules or topics:


  • Visual Analysis & Interpretation


  • Themes in the History of Art


  • 1 Art and Architecture in Fifteenth-century Europe
  • 2 Art and Architecture in Seventeenth-century Europe
  • 3 Art and Architecture in Nineteenth-century Europe
  • 4 Art and Architecture in Europe and the United States of America 1946 – 2000


  • 1 Art and Architecture in Thirteenth and Fourteenth-century Europe
  • 2 Art and Architecture in Sixteenth-century Europe
  • 3 Art and Architecture in Eighteenth-century Europe
  • 4 Art and Architecture in Europe and the United States of America 1900 – 1945

Pre-U CIE Art History

Nick is an examiner for the current AQA GCE A Level Specification for History of Art, Papers HART 1 & HART 2 (AS).

Nick also teaches the CIE Pre-U Examination topics Paper 1 (Analytical Studies) Paper 2 (Historical Study Topic 2: Art, society and politics in Europe, c.1784–1900 (Romantic Heroes, The Impressionist Eye, Beyond Impressionism), Paper 3 Thematic Topic: Still Life, Paper 4: Personal Investigation.

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