Director of Arcadia Education, Nick Nelson is also Head of History of Art and Director of Culture and Internationalism at Cheltenham College in the UK. He teaches Art, History of Art, Architecture, English, Classical Civilisation, Theology, Philosophy & Ethics and Music to students up to 18. Nick lectures over the world, yet is more regularly delivering at Soho Houses in London and abroad; most recently in Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Istanbul and New York. Topics for discussion are hugely varied, including the legacy of House Music (EDM), Natural History and Ecology of the Galapagos Islands, Synaesthesia and Neuroaesthetics in Art plus the Genealogy of Genius, for example. Nick works as pastoral and academic mentor to students worldwide, providing a bespoke service aimed at supporting students and parents privately with the university application process around the world.

Arcadia Services extends to bespoke guided Gallery visits tailored to individual interests, which makes for a hugely original and personal gift. Popular study days on key genres in Art such as Portraiture are run in an array of attractive venues in the UK, such as Barnsley House in Gloucestershire, at Marlborough College Summer School and in Avebury Wiltshire.

Arcadia offers ‘Intelligent Inset’ – essentially corporate bonding with a difference, using Art as a tool to unlock hidden symbology and to encourage key presentation skills germane to the work place. This can be provided through the Mandarin Oriental in Kensington, London.

Nick lectures for The Arts Society and tutors both privately and at Mander Portman & Woodward in London. He is a very experienced tour director, having run numerous trips in Europe and the United States. He is responsible for assisting students in gaining places to top flight US Colleges, in acting as a College Counsellor. A Masters Degree in ‘Harmony & Discord: the relationship between W. Kandinsky & A. Schoenberg from 1909 to 1914’ has led to a specialism in Synaesthetic Art. Similarly, an interest in Literature, Classical Civilisation & Ornithology means that further links can be explored with these subjects in mind.

With a growing interest in Media work, Nick has run pilot screening with William Morris Co. London, written and recorded with David Prest art historical content for Whistledown Productions for Radio 3 and spoken on Radio Gloucestershire on several occasions. Nick is registered with the Atlantic Speaker Bureau and is in discussion with the Head of Development for 360 Production, London regarding ideas for BBC3 and beyond.

Most of all, however, Arcadia is passionate about and dedicated to Art History and education. We aim to impart a broad knowledge base and an unerring passion for a subject which is, by virtue, inherently inter-disciplinary.

Media Info & Links:

Nick is working with Rush Talent, London on Corporate ideas. You can check out his profile here

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Radio Interview with Nick Nelson, Director of Arcadia, December 2017