Social Impact

The Arcadia Trust Foundation and Social Impact – An Overview

Arcadia Education is eager to support and encourage individuals in the criminal justice system to focus their attentions and minds towards making a positive change through enlightened learning. We encourage everyone to develop their voice or opinion to motivate them to view the world in a more positive light through the focussed lens of learning.

Working through modules fosters a sense of achievement, progress and self-worth. Elements of study can lead to a feeling of individual positivity and collective success.

We would like to take individuals or group learners on a cultural journey to explore great artworks, poems, films and musical creations, sharing our personal preferences and opinions in the process without bias or prejudice.

Most significantly, our aim is to instil in everyone a sense of confidence and value when confronted by a great work. In the words of Albert Einstein:

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”


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