Are you not entertained? Performance Art

The Art of Performance Art

High Road House (Soho House Group) 162-166 Chiswick High Rd, Chiswick, London W4 1PR

December 4th with Nick Nelson of Arcadia Education –

Yves Klein’s Anthropométries employed nude female models as ‘living paintbrushes,’ yet what prompted Christo to wrap the Reichstag in polypropylene fabric? Is Martin Creed’s Work No. 850 featuring a person running as fast as they can every thirty seconds through the Tate Gallery in London really Art? What do you make of Banksy’s geocaching ‘Better Out Than In’ in New York? Why was Ai Weiwei secretly detained for 81 days? Who staged a pillow fight on Tracey Emin’s Bed and which artist created a chocolate bust of themself only to be licked? Come along and endeavour to find out!