Arty Anagrams!

Quiz Artist’s Anagrams

Read the short story below. Included within the text are 16 anagrams of famous artists’ names highlighted in bold.

I relaxed in my local Indus, eating a spicy vindaloo and rice; a nicer meaty meal than I had tasted for a long time. That meal counted as the first I had eaten since some sourish honeycomb I had brought from a local sweet shop. However, what I really fancied was a beer – a can of Harp Ale. I dropped in to Church and changed into my Canon’s fabric for the service; least I incur feudal wrath at the hands of God for wearing the wrong ecclesiastical attire. The service had an African theme, so I played the sourest reggae music, based on syncopated rhythms, using the interval of the major ninth. The stereo was too loud, and I incurred a louder cranial assault than I then desired. I had a hastier mind to exit the angelical home and head home. I encouraged exile in my clergy; particularly those who’d begun to rinse atheism whilst they painted minor pictures of a satanic nature, Christ being eaten by a whopper adder snake for example. What a bizarre day in the church……

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