Michelangelo’s Lost Bronze’s Found at Last


I am not sure if any of you got to read the article in today’s Times about the alleged lost Michelangelo bronzes being rediscovered? It was felt that all of Michelagelo’s bronzes had been melted down, yet this may dispel that popular theory. Certainly academics at the University of Cambridge claim the two statues of triumphant men riding panthers to be genuine Michelangelos, having studied potentially preliminary studies which may pre-date the finished works. If authentic, it is likely the works date from 1506-8, just as he was about to embark upon his work on the Sistine Chapel.

To my mind, these bronzes are not by Michelangelo. I doubted the Cheltenham Banksy, and now these. Yes; poles apart, but both unproven in terms of artistic authenticity. Viewed frontally, there is a whiff of the candy floss about them, as they could be misconstrued as two bucking broncos which work for money. The rear view of the male figure, replete with distended arm and clenched hand, is reminiscent of David clutching his sling shot, yet either Michelangelo was justified to stick to marble or these are fakes. I believe it’s the latter.