Events | Four Weddings And A Funeral

  • Location: Richmond, Painswick, Richmond Village, Stroud Rd, Painswick GL6 6UL
  • Date: 24.11.17 | 3:00pm
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This lecture will explore four paintings focussed on weddings, by Van Eyck, Botticelli, Titian and Hockney, thus spanning the period from the early Renaissance to Post Modernism. In one case, the painting will be discussed under the auspices of both a wedding and a funeral. Artists have celebrated the theme of matrimony from a religious and secular perspective since the pre-Renaissance period – adopting a personal or more objective stance dependent upon the commission or epithalamic offering. Most commonly, however, wedding paintings provide an interesting insight into the dynamics of a given relationship, or the spirit of the age in broader terms. In commemorating bereavement, clearly artists adopt a more sombre and elegiac tenor, appropriate for the gravity of the subject matter.

This talk will be illustrated with an array of related images, and there will be a chance for an informal discussion afterwards.