Events | Altarpiece Workshop at Soho Farmhouse Christmas Market

Join Nick Nelson of Arcadia Education for Art History in decoding Gentile da Fabriano’s decadent and detailed masterwork The Strozzi Altarpiece, which captures in rich International Gothic detail the opulence of the orient, and The Adoration of the Magi. Whilst contemporaneous with the emerging Renaissance style, this masterpiece typifies the Medieval Gothic which prevailed at the time. We will also decrypt the wonderfully evocative and festive Poem ‘The Journey of the Magi’ by T.S .Eliot when focussing on Fabriano’s painted response – an altarpiece commissioned by the wealthy Patron Palla Strozzi. During the session we will focus on ‘making a masterpiece’ by learning about the materials, techniques and processes involved, such as red bole, gold leaf, egg tempera and lapis lazuli on poplar panel.