Events | Early Renaissance in Florence Study Day

Early Renaissance in Florence Study Day

  • Location: Barnsley House, Barnsley, Cirencester, GL7 5EE
  • Date: 16.02.20 | 9:30am-3:30pm
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We will study increasing naturalism in Florentine painting in the quattrocento, including the work of Masaccio, Fra Angelico and Fra Filippo Lippi; the treatment of pictorial space and the development of perspective, with the work of Piero della Francesca and Paolo Uccello. The intellectual context will be surveyed to include Alberti’s Della Pittura and the influence of Humanism to put the work of Botticelli and others into context. We will look at the Sacra Conversazione type of altarpiece, such as Fra Angelico’s San Marco Altarpiece and Domenico Veneziano’s St. Lucy Altarpiece. The patronage and decoration of family chapels will be a point of contextual reference also, including the Brancacci Chapel in Santa Maria del Carmine and the Sassetti Chapel in Santa Trinita. This is indeed a fascinating cultural flowering that took place in Florence in the early 1400s, dubbed the ‘new Athens’ by art historical hagiographer Giorgio Vasari.

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