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How Creativity is Changing the World – Soho House Barcelona


Stanford University Professor David Eagleman’s recent and seminal text ‘The Runaway Species’ sought to remind us of how the arts constantly shape the landscape of possibilities, illuminating previously unseen pathways. In fostering creativity, we are celebrating humanity’s unique ability to remake the world. We live in a world of sensation and reward: the latter brings on dopamine levels and adrenaline, leading to the release of serotonin. I firmly believe that intellectualising in schools can stifle the creative process and that daydreaming aids the creative incubation process….“imagination is more important than knowledge” Einstein claimed. In a climate that encourages divergent thinking, the entrepreneur has seemingly usurped the scientist and creative gurus like Steve Jobs, James Dyson and Rohan Silva are the real paradigm shifters. Yet why does creativity thrive in the face of adversity? Is creativity innate and/or God-given? Is creativity only able to proliferate during periods of prosperity? In the case of Leonardo da Vinci, whilst we approach 500 years since his death in 1519, the consummate Renaissance man flourished at a time of economic and artistic fervour in sixteenth century Italy, proving that creativity surely stems from nurture rather than nature!

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