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The Passion of Christ 

  • Location: 1 Tracey Farm Cottages, Great Tew, Chipping Norton OX7 4JS
  • Date: 06.02.18 | 7:00pm
  • Book Now: Please note that this is a Soho House members only event unless a guest of Nick Nelson at Arcadia Education

In Christianity, The Passion is the story of the last events of Christ’s earthly life, as commemorated in Holy Week in the liturgical calendar. The Passion embodies two main themes: the humanity of Jesus Christ and the infallible necessity of the Divine Will.

As a subject, it holds huge scope in the History of Art, given the drama of each narrative episode. Artists from Duccio and Giotto to Rembrandt and Caravaggio form the basis for this illustrated lecture chronicling various depictions of Christ’s Passion in Art. Such emotive subjects as The Betrayal, The Pietà and The Lamentation will be covered, in addition to hermeneutics and semiotics.

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