Events | Winter Study Day at Barnsley House

Winter Cultural Course – Wednesday 15th December 2021 Barnsley House (GL7 5EE), nr. Cirencester, Glos.

‘Dutch Courage: Netherlandish Painting during the Golden Age’


The Dutch Reformed church and a rising sense of Dutch nationalism informed the Golden Age. During the 17th century, driven by new freedom from Spanish Catholic rule, the Dutch Republic experienced a surge in economic and cultural prominence. An influx of trade boosted commerce, leading to the rise of a large middle and merchant class in the market for the proliferation of art that had cropped up in response to the burgeoning celebration of Dutch life and identity. Landscape painting exploded during the Dutch Golden Age, bringing with it an emphasis upon the unique characteristics of Dutch landscape features. Genre painting experienced a magnificent evolution, with a distinct look at the contemporary lifestyle, trends, and interests of the Dutch people of the time. The stilleven, or still life surged in popularity, utilised to imaginatively express objects of beauty. This dominant element of Dutch art developed into a number of subtypes, of which floral still life, presented with scientific accuracy, was the most popular. Some scholars have referred to Dutch Golden Age painting as Dutch Realism.


Timing for the day:

09:30am Arrival and coffee

10:00am Session 1

11:15am Break and coffee

11:45am Session 2

13:00pm Lunch (provided)

14:00pm Session 3

15:30pm Close

Course Resources:

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