Longer-term courses – (Weekly)

The Longer-term Courses follow the same format as our short study days & one week study courses, yet in a more protracted format of one session per week. The taught content tends to be one and a half hours, with a brief break in the middle. This then leaves half an hour at the end for extended discussion or clarification on any element of the course content.

Some of our taught courses:

  • Scene in a New Light: French Impressionism in the nineteenth century
  • Managing Modernism: A introduction to Modernism in the Arts
  • Ways of Seeing: The Art of Art History: An Introduction to the Subject
  • Exploring the Genres in Art: A Crash Course in Subjects & Genres in Art
  • The Spirit of the Belle Epoque: Art Nouveau in Europe at the fin de siècle
  • Romanticism & the Rise of the Individual: Romanticism in Art
  • Cotswoldian Colloquialism & Vernacular Revivalism: The Arts & Crafts Movement
  • Pinnacles & Progress: The Gothic Revival in Georgian and Victorian England
  • ‘Man is the Measure of all Things’: The Early Renaissance in Italy
  • ‘Calm Simplicity & Noble Grandeur’: Classicism as a Paradigm & Way of Life

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