Study courses (1 week)

The format is similar to our short study days, but courses run for a more extended period. This enables the course tutor to break a topic down into its constituent parts, to provide a more manageable, comprehensive and detailed understanding of a given topic, period or theme. For example, a course on the Early Renaissance in Italy; initially daunting in its magnitude, can be divided up thematically, geographically, biographically or chronologically.

Some of our taught courses:

  • Scene in a New Light: French Impressionism in the nineteenth century
  • Managing Modernism: A introduction to Modernism in the Arts
  • Ways of Seeing: The Art of Art History: An Introduction to the Subject
  • Exploring the Genres in Art: A Crash Course in Subjects & Genres in Art
  • The Spirit of the Belle Epoque: Art Nouveau in Europe at the fin de siècle
  • Romanticism & the Rise of the Individual: Romanticism in Art
  • Cotswoldian Colloquialism & Vernacular Revivalism: The Arts & Crafts Movement
  • Pinnacles & Progress: The Gothic Revival in Georgian and Victorian England
  • ‘Man is the Measure of all Things’: The Early Renaissance in Italy
  • ‘Calm Simplicity & Noble Grandeur’: Classicism as a Paradigm & Way of Life

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