Cross-curricular presentations

Arcadia Education believes in the Wagnerian concept of the gesamtkunstwerk or the all-embracing art form. Thus, in order to develop an overall command of the Gothic style or period, for example, we feel it is imperative that the main Art Historical content is complemented by a smattering of literature, music, philosophy, theology, geometry, sociology and politics and, where relevant, photography, cinema and fashion. Cross-curricular events will typically be a combination of digital slides, musical excerpts, film clips, readings and occasional audience participation! For a list of cross-curricular presentations, click here (or please see No. ?)

Our Presentations


  • ‘A Golden Opportunity’: Exploring the Golden Ratio in Art, Architecture & Music
  • ‘Like a Virgin: Four Madonnas & a Child’ – The Virgin Mary in Sacred Art Click for Details
  • ‘The Genealogy of Genius’ – Brainpower & Creativity Click for Details
  • ‘Veils of Light & Sound’ – Debussy and Whistler’s Nocturnes: A Parallelism
  • ‘Probability’ in History, Music, Maths, Philosophy, Art, Science & Music
  • Hysteria & the Emancipation of Desire: Surrealism in Freud and Dali
  • ‘Theology through Geometry’ Piero della Francesca’s Baptism of Christ
  • ‘Poems & Paintings’: A Reciprocal Relationship between Art & Literature
  • Pop & the Swinging Sixties: Art, Fashion and Music in Britain
  • ‘Painting Sound’: Synaesthesia & Kandinsky. Music in Modern Art
  • On a Wing and a Prayer’ Archibald Thorburn from Theology to Ornithology
  • ‘Harmony, Dualism & Parallelism’: Art & Music; a Synthesis
  • ‘Floating Sound’ Tomás Luis de Victoria: God’s Composer
  • From Bebop to Bernstein – New York in the Jazz Age 
  • ‘The Art of War’: WW1 in Art, Music, Literature & Science
  • The Taste of Words: Synaesthesia – The Sixth Sense  Click for Details

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