Seasonal talks

Seasonal talks / presentations are ideally aimed at hotels and are intended to evoke the atmosphere of a given season or calendar event.

Arcadia Education will work in conjunction with the venue and its staff, to endeavour to conjure up the desired effect for, say, Halloween, with a dramatic reading from a Gothic novel by candlelight, in front of a crackling fire.

Attendees can also enjoy seasonal food and drink to mark the occasion! See…. for examples / seasonal talks

Our Talks

Seasonal Features:

  • ‘Horror & Terror in Gothicism’: Fuseli’s ‘The Nightmare’ & Surrounding Works
  • The Impressionists in Winter: Depictions of Seasonal Change in Impressionism
  • The Impressionist Landscape in a New Light: Summer & Sunshine
  • ‘Hockney’s Colouristic Utopia’: Springtime in Yorkshire
  • Painting the Weather: A Painterly Journey through the Seasons
  • La Primavera: Spring in Renaissance Florence
  • Yellowstone: A Winter Wildlife Wonderland

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