Pre-university course

This one-week course is designed to recap, to an extent, on A Level course content for History of Art, yet more significantly, to bridge the gap between A2 and undergraduate studies in the History of Art.

 Specifics of the Course:

  • Review of A Level subject skills
  • The chronology of Art History
  • Different approaches to studying Art History: thematic, chronological, geographical, biographical
  • The breadth of Art History at university: non-western, coinage, musical instruments, artefacts, museology, fashion and, from prehistoric to postmodern
  • An overview of a typical undergraduate course in History of Art
  • Independent learning, research and study skills
  • The use of ICT in Art History at university
  • Student-led seminar studies
  • Presentation skills
  • Essay writing skills
  • Dissertation writing: to include structure, footnotes, substantiating sources, avoiding plagiarism, illustrations, bibliography, appendices

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