Prep School Talks

The following talks are designed for Prep Schools, Years 5 to 8

AI: Animal Intelligence. A countdown of the most cerebral creatures on earth

The Transition from Prep to Senior School: Tips & Advice for The Year 8 Leaver

The Blue Planet: The Galapagos Islands and Endemic Species

Birds, Beasts & Relatives: Ornithology and Natural History

Painting Sound: Music & Modern Art

What Have the Romans Ever Done for Us?

The Power of the Portrait in Art

The Horse in Art: A Canter through the Ages

4 Paintings you should save if the National Gallery is on fire!

Entrenched in Memory: The Words of the War Poets

It’s all Greek to me! The Legacy of Beauty in Antiquity

Safari, so good! Shamwari Game Reserve and the Born Free Foundation, S.A

Yellowstone: A Winter Wildlife Wonderland

Pop Goes Andy Warhol!

Scene in a New Light – An Insight into Impressionism